Mighty Pancake Mix

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  • If you’ve landed on this page, you probably love pancakes- but have you ever tried Fresh-Milled pancakes?

    Our Mighty Pancake Mix is nothing like the generic brands you’ve tried before. Made with stone-milled, organic flour- these pancakes don’t just taste delicious, they also contain more fiber and protein than industrial mixes do. Stone-milling organic wheat means you’re getting ALL the nutritional benefits while enjoying the wholesome, nutty flavor it has to offer. For fluffy, healthier pancakes – try Mighty pancakes.

    Our Mighty Pancake recipe yields 6 medium pancakes (or more if you prefer a smaller size)!

    What's included in the kit:

      • Fresh-milled pancake mix 

    What you'll need at Home: 

      • 2/3 cup milk, more as needed
      • 1 egg
      • 2 Tbs. unsalted butter 

    As always, our products are made with everything you want and none of what you don't: 

    • No industrial flour 
    • No preservatives 
    • No chemical pesticides or herbicides 
    • No GMOs 

    How we mill it: We start with organically farmed grains we source from our carefully selected partner farms. Every day, we fresh-mill the flour on our very own stone mills. It’s the stone milling that keeps the nutrients and flavors intact in a way that industrial milling doesn't.

    We bake our products clean - that means no artificial, no preservatives, no refined sugars and never any industrial flour. Once you taste this fresher, “living” flour - you’ll realize that flour can take an ordinary creation - and give it a depth-of-flavor that’s not been tasted in the US in decades.