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We’ve designed an easy way to keep your kitchen stocked with fresh-milled foods. Simply choose a custom box size and start mixing-and-matching.​

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Choose any size box, then customize with the fresh-milled products of your choice.

  • Grown Organically by Local Farmers
  • Fresh-Milling Daily at Our Mill
  • No GMOs, Artificials, or Bad Ingredients

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What Makes Our
Fresh-Milled Foods Better?​

Made with Organic Whole Grains +
We are building a network of organic farmers and our own stone mills in regions across the US. This requires the building of an entirely new ethical supply chain — that’s actually thousands of years old. Through that we’re making flour healthy again.
Fresh-Milled Daily at Our Mill +
Our mills are turning 7 days a week. This ensures you always get the freshest flour possible. ​
Naturally High in Protein, Fiber, and Nutrients+
Fresh milling on a stone mill means the wheat berry's bran, endosperm, and germ are kept together. As a result, the natural protein, fiber, and nutrients (typically removed through industrialization) stay in the flour.
Never any GMOs, Artificials, or Preservatives+
Unlike many others in our industry, we pride ourselves in using simple, clean ingredients and offering products free of artificials, GMOs, chemicals, and other less-desirable additives.
No Refined Sugars or Carbs+
We do not use refined sugars, molasses, or other artificial sweeteners. The same goes for processed flours.
Better Taste Than Factory Flour+
Fresh-milling retains the slightly sweet and nutty natural taste of the wheat berry. In fact, most Americans in this generation don't know what real flour actually tastes like!