What is the Mighty difference?

When it comes to flour - all flour is not created equal.

Why is it that folks with gluten sensitivities can travel to Europe eat bread, pasta, and pizza but when they come back to the states they can't enjoy the same foods?   Flour made the ancient way - milled on stone mills from wheat that’s grown organically, is a nutrient dense, whole food.  But, most of the flour we consume here in America is refined factory flour that’s been stripped of so many of the nutrients that made flour both healthy and delicious.  

Everyday, we fresh-mill on our stone mills to keep all of the good nutrients, minerals and fiber in and none of that bad stuff. Unlike, factory processed flour that comes from wheat grown with chemicals and stripped of nutrients and minerals. This makes factory flour more shelf stable - but our flour is not unlike a real vegetable. Flour SHOULD have a shelf life!  Refined flours are an emptier starch - and an emptier calorie. It rockets into your bloodstream to spike insulin and blood sugar which can signal a number of other unwanted bodily reactions such as storing more fat and inevitably being hungry again in just a short time. You don’t need to cut the carbs - but you should trade out of refined carbs and trade into a diet rich with whole grains. That’s where we come in. Our bagels are packed with our fresh-milled organically-grown whole grains - 48g in just one of our Mighty Bagels. We keep the natural nutrients, protein, and fiber IN - just like they did before industrialization. 

Here's a video of our Co-Founder, Jon Olinto, talking more about our flour. 

Nutritional's, Allergens, and Certifications

No, unlike many others in our industry, our flour is fresh-milled daily and does not contain shelf-stabilizing preservatives. We pride ourselves in using simple, clean ingredients and offering products free of artificials, chemicals, and other less-desirable additives. 

Yes, our products are Non-GMO certified by NSF. 

Our products are certified Kosher. More specifically, our pretzels are certified by Orthodox Union, while our bagels and tortillas are certified by Lighthouse Kosher.

No, all of our products contain wheat and all wheat contains gluten. People with Celiac disease and wheat allergies CANNOT eat our products.

All of our products are processed in peanut-free facilities and do not contain peanuts.

Our tortillas, flour and pretzels are safe for tree nut allergies. Unfortunately, our bagels are baked in an area where tree nuts are present and our Brownie mix and Pancake mix are also packaged in a facility shared with tree nuts. There is the possibility of cross contamination.

All of our products are dairy free EXCEPT for our Hot Chile & Cheddar Pretzels and Pancake Mix. Our Honey Mustard Pretzels and Brownie mix are made in the same facility, so there is always a possibility of cross contamination.

Our tortillas, pretzels and flour are safe for anyone with a sesame allergy. Our Everything Bagels contain sesame seeds and are baked and packaged in the same room as our other bagels, so there is a chance of cross contamination.  

Our products are not vegan, as we use honey as a sweetener. We've talked a lot about honey in our products, as we've received some feedback about substituting it with different sweeteners. We choose to use honey because nutritionally, it offers a lot more value than sugar, agave and all other sweeteners. We know that some folks would disagree on these points, but, like stone-milling, honey has been around for a long time and is a good fit with our ethos: clean, regional, healthy, ingredients. 

The heritage, old-fashioned wheat that we mill for our products tends to be lower in protein than modern wheat. Because we source from small organic farms, our wheat harvests vary depending on the fields and the soil in which it’s grown. This kind of variability is natural. So, it’s also an expected issue when working with small family farms who are not growing the same monocultures of wheat specifically designed for industrial baking. To make it easier to work with variable crops from smaller farms, we use a small amount of organic vital wheat gluten to bolster the protein count in our products – otherwise, our products wouldn’t have their nice lift and structure. It’s very important to note that the vital wheat gluten we use is organic. We primarily use organic and transitional organic wheat from Aurora Mills & Farm. So, we make sure that none of the wheat (including the vital wheat gluten) in our products is ever grown with pesticides.

How To Enjoy One Mighty Mill Products

Given the preservative-free nature of our flour, our bagels are best enjoyed fresh from the box for about 5 days at room temperature. If you order several bags or won’t be able to enjoy them by the bag’s expiration date, we recommend storing our bagels in the freezer for optimal freshness. They only need about 30 minutes to defrost at room temperature. Many customers suggest pre-slicing them before freezing. This way, you can just pop those right into your toaster without defrosting! Our bagels defrost extremely well and are just as good out of the freezer! 

 At home, we recommend storing the tortillas in the refrigerator, which will help keep them at the freshest they can be for the 10 day shelf life. Our tortillas also maintain their quality when frozen. So, we recommend that you freeze them immediately if you can’t eat our tortillas within 10 days of receipt. 

Unlike other flour brands, our fresh-milled flour does not contain shelf-stabilizing additives. Optimally our flour is stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Our 3-month shelf life has been validated at room temperature and our suggestion is to hold OMM flour in a cupboard away from heat (ie: not above the stove). Light and air are the enemy; both will cause our flour to oxidize and spoil. Refrigeration and freezers are fine places to store fresh, stone-milled flour (theoretically, they present the best option to avoid the oils in our flour from turning rancid). If you do freeze it we suggest using a freezer bag so it doesn’t take any off-flavors from the stuff in the freezer.

Our pretzels can be stored right in your pantry, or on a shelf, and will maintain their freshness until the use-by date so long as they are unopened. Once you’ve opened your pretzel pack, we recommend using a proper bag clip. You can also store them in an air-tight container or ziplock bag as an extra precaution. 

Fresh-milled flour tastes amazing when you bake with it -- but there are a few important differences to factory flour.  You can substitute our AP flour and our Bread flour for their respective conventional counterparts in recipes. Our AP Flour contains 11% protein, the standard for all-purpose flour, while our Bread Flour checks in at 13% protein, the norm for bread flour. Because our flour is packed with fresh germ and bran, you might notice slightly less lift in baked goods compared with conventional flour. It shouldn't be too noticeable in the finished product --  but you will notice a lot more fresh-milled flavor! 

Hydration: The one thing you may want to tweak when using our flour in a recipe is the amount of hydration or liquid – water, milk or fat (in the form of eggs, oil or butter). As Joanne Change said best: “it’s a thirstier flour.” The coarse texture of OMM’s flour and its abundance of germ and bran can sponge up liquid. Be prepared to add a splash of water if a bread or pizza dough looks dry towards the end of mixing. And you can add another pat of butter to a cookie recipe or another teaspoon of oil to a quick bread at the onset.   

Remember, our flour is alive! Whether in a sourdough starter or in a pizza dough that you are letting sit out to rise, you will notice that OMM flour is pretty active. All those nutrients are great for fermentation. Keep an eye on a dough while it’s rising or in the fridge.  

Shipping Information

Due to the lack of artificial preservatives and subsequent shorter shelf life of our bagels and tortillas, we are only shipping to the certain regions and states. You can see our shipping schedule and the states we ship to below. We’re working to build more stone mills across the country, so be sure to check back periodically for updates.

*Please note*
Orders going to the following States Ship on Monday - Thursday: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York.

Orders going to the following States will Ship on Monday and Tuesday only: Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia.

Orders going to the following States will Ship on Monday only: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin.   

We are able to ship our flour and pretzels to state outside of our zone, since they have a longer shelf life. If you email your order and shipping address to support@onemightymill.com we can create the order on our end and email you the invoice. 

Wholesale Opportunities

Unfortunately, our flour is not available for wholesale as we cannot support any new accounts for the time being. For more information, please reach out to support@onemightymill.com

Our pretzels, tortillas and bagels are available for wholesale and we would love to hear from you! Please contact support@onemightymill.com for more information.

Mighty Subscriptions

How do subscriptions work?

In addition to incremental product savings, you’ll also enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your subscription orders. This makes access to our mill more affordable. It’s also an easy way to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy, delicious fresh-milled foods.  Let our mill become your mighty mill.  

It also helps our small company predict how much organic wheat we need from our farms and how many people to hire. A tasty win-win. 

Your subscription will renew according to the order frequency you’ve chosen. For example, if you are set up for a bi-weekly subscription- you will be charged every 14 days. If monthly, you will be charged on the same day each month. The date of payment does not mean your order will ship that same day. You will always get an email alert telling you your next shipment is being packed by our team.

Your subscription will ship soon after your order is placed. Subsequent recurring shipments will ship according to the frequency you’ve selected. You will always get an email alert telling you your next shipment is being packed by our team. That will give you the time to make adjustments to the box contents or ship date if necessary.

This is entirely up to you! When setting up your subscription, you have control over the cadence of your shipment -- ranging from weekly to monthly. And remember: you can pause or adjust your shipment frequency at any time through our account management feature.

Yes! All you need to do is sign into your account and click on the “Manage Subscriptions” option. From that page you have the ability to skip or adjust your next shipment date.

It’s easy. Click > here < to log into your account. Once logged in, you will see a “Manage Subscriptions” option. Click that link to see your subscription information and make changes. As always, you can reach out to our team for support with any questions or needs.  

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Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. 

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. 

Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash. 

We are not responsible if a Gift Card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances. With that said, we can use the email address used at checkout to help you and identify history of use. 

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