We're bringing back local food systems that help communities thrive.

Mighty means local.

Catalyzing Organic Wheat Farming.

Building our own Mighty Stone Mills.

Nourishing schools and communities that need it most.

We're measuring our progress to fulfill our mission

Support Mighty Farms to Grow More Organic Wheat

We contracted 300,000 lbs of local organic wheat this year. Healthy wheat means living, organic soil which supports a happy and healthy community and planet.

Build More Stone Mills in More Communities

This year, we built 3 more stone mills in California! This means we'll have built 10 stone mills in 4 years of business.

feed local communities fresher food

In 2022 we supplied our stone-milled Mighty bagels to 30,000+ students at Springfield and Lynn schools.

Everyone acts like an owner, because they are.

From baker to miller— every employee at One Mighty Mill is eligible for equity after one full year. This year we grew our total to 16 employee-owners.

Putting the “B” in baking

We believe stone mills can inspire goodness in a broken food system.

Co-Founders, Jon Olinto and Chef Tony set out on a mission to prove that flour can be fixed.

And guess what? This mission also makes better tasting foods. (Win Win.)