Fresh-Milled, Organic, All-Purpose Flour

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Fresh-milling isn’t easy. But it makes better baked goods! We partner directly with organic farmers and stone-mill whole grains the old fashioned way – it keeps the flavor and all the healthy fiber, protein, and nutrients in a way that industrial flour production doesn’t.

  •   Perfect for general baking (cookies, pies, sweets)
  •   ~ 11% Protein
  •   ~ 90% Extraction
  •   Hard Red Spring Wheat (AC Barrie varietal) 
  •   3 Month Shelf Life: Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to 3 months 

Fresh-milling makes mighty food and healthier food systems. Learn more.


All orders ship directly from our bakery in 1 business day. So, orders placed on Thursday after 1 pm and on the weekend are shipped on Monday.


Because we’re committed to the freshest product arriving at your door, we are only shipping to the following region and states:

  • New England
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