We discovered that industrialization changed flour from superfood - to factory filler.

Fixing flour means building a new (ancient) supply chain.

You can fix unhealthy foods by substituting healthy ingredients. But what if the healthy ingredients weren’t accessible? This is the challenge. To fix flour, we needed to start by bringing back the healthy food system that once produced this nutritious flour. A local partnership that used to thrive in communities across the US pre-industrialization.

Local Stone Millers + Organic Farmers

Then, we built our first stone mill in Lynn, MA.

We started baking with this fresh-milled flour and guess what?

We're putting the B in baking.

How we measure our impact.

Being a b-corp means we measure and share progress on our mission with you, our Mighty Believers. You can download our 2020 Mighty Impact Report HERE.

Activate More Local Mills

Create More Organic Acres

Feed Our Communities

Build Career Opportunities