Box Subscriptions

Yes, you can subscribe to our mill! We’ve designed our subscription program to make it easy for you to keep your kitchen stocked with our fresh-milled foods. This predictability allows us to share some savings back with you in the form of free-shipping. A win-win for you, us and the planet.

Chemical-free grains from our organic farm partners.

Shipped FREE to your doorstep.

Fresh-milled by us daily on our own stone mills.

Change, skip, or pause anytime.

"I have a dozen packages of bagels delivered each month. A bagel from Mighty Mill in the morning tastes like it's just out of the oven. Since we started eating them, my husband never forgets to tell me when we're running low. We love them!"

Rebecca M.
It's an easy way to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy, delicous fresh-milled foods.
Free shipping + product savings make access to our Mill more affordable.
You're helping our small company predict how much organic wheat we need from our farmers and how many people to hire.