Bread Flour

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  • Organic, Fresh-Milled Bread Flour

    If you’re a serious bread baker - you want the natural flavors of the flour to be the hero of your creation. Like wine, flour should have a terroir - and our’s does. That’s because we only source organic grains from our partner farmers who care about healthy soil as much as they do premium grains. We then fresh-mill these grains every day on our own stone mills. It’s an ancient process - but unfortunately, a process that’s almost been eliminated by factory milling and chemical farming. The result is a healthier, more flavorful flour that makes a noticeable difference in the foods you bake.

    • Perfect for bread, fresh pasta, and pizza dough.
    • 13+% Protein
    • ~ 90% Extraction
    • Hard Red Spring Wheat (AC Barrie and Vida varietals)
    • 6 Month Shelf Life: Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months

    We’re honored to supply some of the nation’s most discerning bakers with a flour that’s nutrient-dense and absolutely delicious thanks to the organic farming and fresh-milling supply chain we’re building.


    How we mill it: We start with organically farmed grains we source from our carefully selected partner farms. Every day, we fresh-mill the flour on our very own stone mills. It’s the stone milling that keeps the nutrients and flavors intact in a way that industrial milling doesn't.

    We bake our products clean - that means no artificials, no preservatives, no refined sugars, and never any industrial flour. Once you taste this fresher, “living” flour - you’ll realize that flour can take an ordinary creation - and give it a depth-of-flavor that has not been tasted in the US in decades.

    ~13% Protein
    ~90% Extraction

"This bread flour is performing beautiful as a replacement for the industrially milled flour I was using in my sourdough bread. Much tastier result AND I love supporting this company. The bread comes with the mill date clearly marked on it."

Mary I.