Mighty Pretzel Sampler

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Our Mighty Pretzel sampler is the best way to taste all of our fresh-milled, whole grain pretzel flavors - fresh from the Mill to your doorstep! It’s also the ideal gift for your favorite #pretzel-lover - even if that pretzel-lover is you. (You deserve it.) And you can feel good about it, too. Why? Because all of our pretzels start out by being fresh-milled by us on our own stone mills. We only use organically grown whole grains from our partner farmers. This pretzel is truly better for your body, your taste buds, and the planet.

Why Fresh-Milling? For decades, most of the US’s pretzels have been made with a cheap, overly-processed factory-flour that’s been stripped of nutrients and engineered for industrial baking - not for health.

We’re here to make this stale snack - fresher. (Literally.) Every day we fresh-mill organic whole grains on our own stone mills. You’ll notice that you can actually taste our pretzels - not just the salt. It’s a premium flavor - and thanks to how we make it - your body, taste buds, and the planet can feel good about this Mighty new take on your old fav.

A 6 - Pack INCLUDES:

  •   2 - 7oz bag of Whole Grain Sea Salt Pretzels
  •   2 - 6.25oz bag of Whole Grain Honey Mustard Pretzels
  •   2 - 6.25oz bag of Whole Grain Hot Chile & Cheddar Pretzels


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