Why hasn't flour gone

Before we started One Mighty Mill, we asked ourselves that very question

In a time when we all want to know where our food comes from, flour has flown under the radar.

An ingredient that led civilization out of caves and huts, allowed us to build communities, and nourished humans for oh, thousands of years, has somehow become a sad replica of its former, nutritious self.

We always suspected that highly processed flour from big factories couldn't be too good for us. But, the more we researched, the more we learned:

Industrial mills take natural wheat and strip it of two important elements:

fiber-rich bran and the vitamin-and-mineral-packed germ – so that flour can sit on store shelves indefinitely.

 Even items billed as “whole wheat” and “whole grain” are often composed of the same empty starch reconstituted with additives. No wonder digestive problems are on the rise.

We realized that the only way to bring back wheat you can eat was to start growing, milling, and baking like our ancestors used to.

We needed to create a healthy local food system that would preserve as much of wheat’s nutrients as possible and allow us to produce the wholesome flour and baked goods that we all deserve. 


Then, we built a mill.

We commissioned a mill from Andrew Heyn, the only stone mill builder in the United States, so we could stone-grind our organic wheat into the fresh, nutritious, flavorful flour that goes into all of our delicious products. We built the mill and our flagship bakery in Lynn, Massachusetts, a community we’re hoping to help revitalize.

We knew that building a small but mighty mill to move people toward locally grown wheat and locally milled flour wouldn’t be easy.

But we want to stand for food that TASTES BETTER and is BETTER FOR US – and for food that really matters to the people who produce it and the place it comes from. 

When we were getting started, we thought Bob Marley said it best: Get Up, Stand Up! We put those words on our very first product packaging. For us, it was a rally cry for the revolution against processed flour that we want to help lead and hope you’ll join. Our company is just getting started and we’re grateful for your support in standing up to industrialization with us.

Stay Mighty,