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Fresh-Milling is Not Easy

But, the farmers, millers, bakers, and grocers who believe in us know that “nothing mighty comes easy”. This is how we’re helping to bring back healthier food systems with freshness at the core.

Our Mills are reintroducing the world to fresh-milled, living, nutritious flour.

Is fresh-milled really better than factory flour? You bet your wheatberries it is.

Overly processed, industrialized flour is made to be cheap and shelf-stable.  We make flour to be nutritious and delicious! Fresh-milling keeps the nutrition in a way that factory farms won’t.  Go ahead - compare our labels to your old favorite.

A Fresh-milled pretzel is a healthier pretzel.

One Mighty Mill pretzels have 100% more fiber and 50% more protein than the leading pretzel brand.

We start by partnering with our local farmers who care about organic wheat.

They're small, family farmers who we know by name and who we trust. Most of their grain is USDA certified organic. Some is "transitional". That means 100% of the wheat we mill is grown in adherence with organic protocols and never sprayed with pesticides (i.e. no glyphosate!). In our first year of business in 2019, we're proud to have purchased over 220,000 pounds of organically grown grains from our partner farmers in Maine.

And we're helping them convert more farmland to organic.

We knew that if we were successful, then there wouldn't be enough organic wheat in New England to produce our food. So, we supported our farmers transition to organic by investing in over 120,000 pounds of transitional wheat grown by our partners in Maine. In turn, we helped them convert almost 100 acres of their fields to certified organic in time for this year's harvest in September 2020.

Helping our farmers be successful by growing organic grains is the surest way to help other farmers follow suit.

We want to build stone mills in cities near you.

Too many of our favorite foods are made with factory-processed flour that's been stripped of fiber, nutrients, and protein in the name of shelf-stability and profits. Stone-milling whole grains the old-fashioned way keeps in more of the flavor and healthy stuff that industrial production takes out. We built our first stone mill in downtown Lynn, Massachusetts. We dream of building more local mills in communities across America.

Fresh-Milled Flour Tastes Amazing.

Just Ask Our Mighty Fans!

Along the way, we're helping to make our communities healthier.

To fulfill our mission to bring back healthy food systems, we're  helping people in our community eat better. Here's how we measure impact on those in our community in 2019.

The last (tasty) step is yours.

When you buy our bagels, pretzels, and tortillas, you're joining us in our mission to bring back healthier, fresher food systems that will make the world a better place!