Baking with stone-milled flour
“Nobody bakes anymore!” we were told by people that know when we first set stone to wheatberry at One Mighty Mill less than 2 years ago.
Operating during the time of COVID
Nothing is normal right now, for anybody. We continue to bake and mill because that’s what we do and because folks need to eat.
How eating nutritious food helps our students
As principal of the Patrick J. Kennedy School in East Boston, I know firsthand the importance of making sure students are well fed and well nourished.
Why we're feeding kids
Ever since the Reagan administration proposed allowing public schools to count ketchup as a school-lunch vegetable, the nutritional content—or lack thereof—of school food has been a front and center...
How (and why) we make our bagels
Bagels were my first food love. On her living room mantel, my mom still has a picture of a 2-year old me, high-chair bound, trying to gum through a round.
How we grind
When people ask me why I build flour mills – including the massive one that now stands at the One Mighty Mill headquarters – the best answer I can give is that one thing led to another.
How do we grow our wheat?
Welcome to Linneus, Maine, 354 miles from Boston, 246 miles from Portland and six miles from the Canadian border.
What is wheat?
A year ago, as I was saying goodbye to my first food business – a group of fast-casual, farm-to-table restaurants – I started to wonder about wheat.
Meet Sister Nancy

She goes by "Sister" because she's a nun. Every Wednesday morning, Sister Nancy has been nice enough...

What’s up with bread, carbs, and flour?

Is gluten the problem? Or, is the problem that the flour we eat sucks?